Top Gear celebrates its 15th birthday!

Today is the 15th anniversary of the first Top Gear episode in BBC Two.

Today is the 15th anniversary of the first Top Gear episode in BBC Two.

The history of Top Gear is very complicated. The current version is based on the success of the original 1977 program. In 2002 Top Gear returned to the BBC antenna after Jeremy Clarkson and Andy Wilman had developed a new show format. The first episode was issued on October 20,2002 and was very different from what we are used to. The presenters were Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and Jason Dawe, who were replaced by James May in 2003.

In its unaltered form, it was emitted during the following 21 seasons. Each episode has its own news sections, a star in the car for a reasonable price and car tests. Since 2012, the emission of the programme has been limited to only one series per year and to only 6-8 episodes per season, one of which was a special Christmas episode, the emission of which was not necessarily during the holiday season. Burma Special was broadcast in two parts on 9 and 16 March 2014.

The programme’s milestone was a scandal related to the main presenter. On March 10th, 2015, Jeremy Clarkson was suspended as a BBC employee and the emission of Top Gear was stopped. A week later, the programme was completely removed from the BBC and Jeremy’s case was investigated. Eventually he was fired and the remaining episodes were not broadcast due to the fact that the scenes with the audience were recorded every week 5 days before the broadcast. Previously recorded materials were broadcasted in a single combined episode, which was hosted by Richard Hammond and James May.

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